Gynaecologist in Cardiff Convicted of Fraud

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Harsit Tejura of Cardiff was found guilty of fraud for issuing fraudulent prescriptions to obtain Viagra under different names. A local store’s pharmacist became suspicious and called police upon discovering his actions.

GPs must always consider whether a patient exhibits symptoms that could indicate ovarian cancer early and effectively treat this disease. Early diagnosis is key to effective therapy.

Gynaecologists in Cardiff

Spire Cardiff Hospital gynaecologists offer women in Cardiff a full spectrum of gynaecological services, from discreet diagnoses and treatments, through innovative solutions designed to alleviate pain or improve fertility. Their team of specialists specialize in providing this discreet yet personal care service – offering discreet yet personalized diagnosis and treatments as needed.

Dr Charlotte Payne is UK trained and has a particular interest in children’s healthcare and obstetrics, offering IUD insertions at her practice. With her post graduate qualifications in family planning she offers IUDs as part of her services.

Wales Fertility Institute in Cardiff prides itself on offering personalized care and support, with their team of expert gynaecologists dedicated to offering an outstanding patient-centric service. Their staff is comprised of well-trained and experienced individuals that strive to ensure every woman gets exactly the care she requires – they even offer flexible payment options so as to make things simpler for patients!

Women’s health

Novant Health recognizes that women require healthcare tailored to meet their varying health needs from adolescence through menopause and beyond. Our team is committed to offering high-quality and compassionate women’s healthcare for every stage of life – from preventative well-woman visits and cancer screenings, we provide women’s services that cater specifically to your unique requirements and goals.

Dr Anim was trained in obstetrics at the London Deanery at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Queen Charlotte’s and Guy’s hospital before going on to complete a postgraduate speciality in Urogynaecology and gained vast experience both conservatively and surgically managing pelvic floor disorders.

His expertise as a General Gynaecology consultant lies in diagnosing and managing abnormal uterine bleeding (menorrhagia), fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic pain and vulvovaginal infections. Committed to evidence-based practice he regularly attends national conferences as well as peer reviewed journals publishing research findings in regard to prevention and treatment of women’s sexual health problems.

Gynaecological conditions

Gynecological conditions encompass many diseases that impact female reproductive systems. From minor to serious conditions, they may cause symptoms ranging from abnormal vaginal discharge and itching to painful periods and foul odor. Gynecological problems can stem from infections as well as hormonal shifts; while some can be addressed using medications while other may need more invasive procedures to resolve.

At some point in their life, most women will encounter some form of gynecological disease or condition. Early diagnosis is key for effective management; women should visit a gynecologist as soon as they notice any unusual symptoms to prevent more serious or complex issues developing later.


The Women’s Unit at University Hospital of Wales consists of maternity wards, an Antenatal Clinic, Day Assessment Units and an emergency department for gynaecological emergencies. Furthermore, this unit offers obstetric care services to Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan patients as well as annually giving birth to 5,800 babies.

Gynaecologists can treat a range of gynaecological conditions, such as miscarriage recurrence, uterine fibroids and pelvic pain. They may also offer urogynecological procedures to manage urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

They offer professional yet friendly treatment and advice in an open and friendly atmosphere, helping manage your condition with various treatments or medications as necessary, suggesting lifestyle changes, offering nutritional guidance or referring you for further tests if necessary. Furthermore, their staff has extensive training across various settings and are equipped to deal with numerous situations.

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