Gynaecologist Cardiff

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The Department provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary service. Bimonthly Consultant Meetings and Monthly Clinical Governance Days take place regularly; there is also weekly Gynaecology MDT as well as annual Colposcopy MDT meetings held weekly gynaecology MDT meetings; furthermore the department has an active training programme for junior doctors.

Mr Shamsuddin specialises in benign gynaecology and minimal access surgery and is certified as a BSGE endometriosis specialist. He works closely with urgent care specialists to offer holistic care.

Gynaecological Conditions

Many gynaecological conditions don’t present symptoms until they have progressed significantly, so regular visits with your gynaecologist are important in order to perform a full examination and detect any abnormalities early.

Cervical dysplasia occurs when healthy cells on the cervix, located at the base of the uterus and leading to vagina, undergo changes. These modifications can be caused by sexually transmitted viruses such as human papillomavirus (HPV). An HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical dysplasia.

Dr Jha is a gynaecologist specializing in urogynaecology and chronic pelvic pain management. She has published multiple scientific papers as well as contributed to several Cochrane systematic reviews, presented her work both nationally and internationally, taught gynaecology at university level classes and written two books: on gynaecological ultrasound as well as textbook of urogynaecology.


Pregnancy can have profoundly detrimental effects on women, particularly her breasts and reproductive organs. Therefore, it’s vitally important for expectant mothers to see a gynaecologist for all necessary tests and treatments to relieve uncomfortable symptoms associated with gestation.

Dr Shantini Paranjothy attended the University of Wales College of Medicine, graduating in 1984. She earned both a Master of Science (MSc) in Medical Statistics and PhD (Doctorate) in Epidemiology; currently, she holds the Mansel Talbot Chair of Preventive Medicine at Cardiff University as well as being Research Lead of Mothers & Babies Cohort Study Wales as well as Scientific Lead of HealthWise Wales study for national population cohort study.

Nazar specializes in minimal access hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery, fertility investigations and treatments, adolescent gynaecology as well as adolescent gynaecology. He was among the first in Wales to perform Vaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (vNOTES), consulting at Oak Tree Clinic, Spire Cardiff Hospital and St Joseph’s Hospital Newport.


Menopause occurs as estrogen and progesterone hormone levels decline, which leads to changes in your periods and symptoms such as hot flashes. Menopause is a normal part of aging and everyone’s experience may differ accordingly.

Menopause symptoms can begin months or years before your periods cease, known as perimenopause. One telltale sign is usually a change in your monthly periods; they might become lighter or irregular.

Menopause can be a time for reflection and change in life; you might decide to switch careers, spend more time with family or get active in your community; but it’s also an opportunity to take care of yourself by getting enough rest. There are numerous treatments to help with menopause symptoms including natural remedies, lifestyle modifications and medication such as hormone replacement therapy; however it is essential that you consult your physician about risks and benefits prior to any decisions being made regarding this option.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is an integral component of wellbeing that includes physical, emotional, and social components. Sexual wellbeing refers to being able to have pleasurable sexual experiences free from coercion, discrimination, violence or harassment – without coercion from third parties – with access to sexual health education, information and care that help prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Most children learn about sexual health and relationships early in life from either their parents, teachers or peers; although some individuals may lack enough information or feel uncomfortable talking about their sexual health.

Gynaecologists can help address sexual health concerns, educate about safer sex practices and provide advice on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In addition, they can assist you with numerous sexual health issues like Vulvodynia, Pelvic Pain Syndrome (PPS), Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis; provide counseling on reproductive and sexual rights and more.

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